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At Fiagon, our commitment to treating chronic rhinosinusitis is evident in the technology we offer that’s designed to improve your surgical experience – and the patient’s.

The Cube 4D system – the next dimension navigation system

The Cube 4D system provides electromagnetic guidance that’s intuitive and simply precise. It’s a top-of-the-line virtual guidance platform that helps optimize ENT and ENT-related skull-base surgeries. It delivers precise image guidance, incorporating novel, touchless Photo Registration technology.

The modular platform integrates seamlessly into existing video towers for support of minimally invasive ENT procedures.

Fiagon Cube 4D System

The Cube 4D system gives you what you want in the operating theatre


The Cube 4D offers variety to accommodate your facility, including a comprehensive portfolio of ENT modules to fit your needs in any surgical setting. The PointerShell open architecture platform allows you the flexibility to track your own preferred instrumentation.


The compact design easily integrates into any cart or tower shelf, creating valuable operating room space, while the portable VirtuLink enables you to focus on the procedure without the worry of cable mismanagement.


The intuitive interface guides you with on-screen instructions and audible confirmation tones, while our visual VirtuLite technology guides you with status feedback simply by looking at the navigation system.

Fiagon Virtueye touchless photo registration technology, a modern solution for ENT surgery

VirtuEye is taking image registration to new levels.1

The Cube 4D system also introduces VirtuEye, a new revolutionary non-contact registration tool providing sub millimetric accuracy by collecting over 50,000 data points with just the click of a button.

Touchless photo registration technology

It reduces patient interaction and may achieve accurate image registration in under 40 seconds, improving workflow

Unique 3D recognition software

It allows for precise image guidance registration

Novel 3D imaging

It mitigates common tactile tracing errors by collecting over 50,000 patient reference points in 1 camera shot

Simplicity and advanced technology are the hallmarks of the system.

The system consists of:

Intersect ENT Cube 4D System Virtulite


This is a smart lighting system that responds to activity and provides the user with direct visual feedback

Intersect ENT Cube 4D System Virtulink


It connects instruments directly near the operative site

Intersect ENT navigated instruments pointershell for VenSure Cube 4D System

Open architecture of the PointerShell

This delivers rapid calibration to a wide range of rigid instrumentation

Allowing you to customize each case through innovative instrumentation

The navigated instruments that work with the Cube 4D system consist of:

Graphic of the Cube 4D Device

This features a ball-point tip for easier movement on a patient’s skin. It’s non-autoclavable, with the capacity for unlimited uses


These autoclavable instruments can be bent to your preference and provide 10 uses

10X FlexPointers

These autoclavable flexible suctions can be used in various applications and provide 10 uses

10X FlexTubes

There are two types of olive tip suctions – the Keat and the Kennedy. Both are autoclavable fixed instruments that can be used for light blunt dissection while accessing the sinuses

10X PointerTubes

These autoclavable adapters attach to rigid instruments, calibrate/track the tip of the instrument and are available in a variety of sizes


This single-use instrument allows navigation of a malleable balloon


These have the same functionality as their multiple-use counterparts and include the FlexPointer 1.5 SSU, the FlexTube 3 SSU

Sterilized single-use instruments
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